Saturday, May 18, 2013

Perceiving high frequency sounds and other signs of a lifting of the veil of separateness that has been between our egoistic relative self and the absolute

Reading around the web of late I'm not the only one to have been perceiving high frequency sounds and other signs of a lifting of the veil of separateness that has been between our egoistic relative self and the absolute.

I thought at first I might have been getting tinnitus but the sound is directly influenced by my thoughts and meditation. When my thoughts are at their most positive or my meditations take me into emptiness it increases in amplitude. But apparently others are experiencing it, refer 8b: in an article called "How many of these 51 syptoms of spiritual awakening do you have?" I've also noticed I can perceive solar storms, a sensation in the head that leaves it feeling "full", like there is a lot of static. Then there is the fact that my meditations have been leading to work on my solar plexus. Refer: A few days ago I came across this youtube video on how to "See energy in the air": .  He talks about going into a dimly lit room and learn to perceive the pixelation that's there if you look for it.  I'd come across this concept before from writings of a Toltic or South American shaman but can't remember who. The shaman said that if you stared at a point in space long enough, without blinking, it would become pixilated and that if you did this with objects they would become transparent. I tried this and it's hard not to blink but it and I did start to see the pixel effect.  I am mindful also that there are accounts of people with PSI seeing through objects to what's on the other side.  I don't know if this is related to the above effect or just their remote viewing ability.

Anyway... Having mused on all this the thought came to me that I might have also seen this effect sometime when I meditated.  I closed my eyes and told myself to just observe whatever was there without putting any judgements on it or any expectations of what it might look like. Slowly I became aware of a speckling.  As I watched it I seemed to be pulled into a center that was more finely pixelated, so fine it looked like silver but when I observed it closely it was clear it was a fine pattern of white and black dots and it was swirling.  It was a vortex pulling me in. Unfortunately an interruption ended that session.  When I came back to exploring I found it again but have not yet dwelled on it long.  I became aware of something else, this static/pixel pattern was different if I focused on the right or left side of my head.  The left was coarser grained, the right finer.  Something seemed amiss about this and I felt the need to bring them into some kind of harmony or integration.  I decide that one way I can work on this is spend time in both sides, maybe alternating between them.  Something like pranayama, alternate nostril breathing or maybe that's something that could be used in conjunction with this perceiving.  I also want to go deeper into that central vortex.  And the "white noise" sound - well that increases when I do this and there is a very strong sensation of opening or activity in the top of the head (the crown chakra).  Early days yet, still exploring, observing and self-monitoring for any positive or negative effects.  So far it all seems very positive.

Going back to the youtube video I mentioned I have to wonder if what I'm perceiving is the absolute consciousness that we've been separated from for the last six thousand years or so.

Life isn't about purpose, it's about being. Loving yourself enough to dare to be yourself and loving others, allowing them the same.

In a dream late this morning I was having a vivid full color dream.  I was having a conversation with a bloke who was dying.  He was saving that his greatest regret was that he had never found the reason for his life and  that he would die not having found it.  The dream me felt compassion for him but explained to him that life wasn't about goals or purpose.  It was about loving yourself and others enough to 'be as you are' and being that to the full. It was like the waking version of myself was a viewer of this conversation.  Then I woke up.