Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sweet potato cakes.

I made these as a substitute for fish cakes.  Cook one sweet potato, drain and mash.  Add a little coconut and some finely chopped kale. Thicken with Teff flour.  Form into patties. Brown both sides in a frypan with a little coconut oil. Season with veggie salt. Serves two people.

Zucchini spaghetti

Use a spiralizer to grate a zucchini into long "spaghetti" strands. Stir fry with a little coconut oil.  Puree one to two  tomatoes in the blender and add puree to pan.  Add mixed herbs to taste.  Add two dessertspoons of teff flour to add iron and protein as well as thicken the mixture.  Cooked when zucchini is soft and mixture has thickened. Add vogel salt to taste. Serves one hungry vegan.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

how we try to make ourselves better than others.

When we consider the egomania of the modern world which also drives our economic system its easy to just think that we use the pursuit of wealth, pleasure and happiness to position ourselves ahead of others. But in a thought that came to me today I think its even more insidious than that.  Every time we criticise or are annoyed with someone aren't we saying "our way is best", that the other person's wants, feelings and opinions aren't as important or as valid as ours. Everything we do, think and say places us in a position relative to others.  The better path I think is to tread a middle way between pride and shame, between negative and positive judgments of all kinds

Well - not quite vegan!

On an autumn trip out to Lake Gordon I succumbed to the smell of a chicken wing.  Its about the only meat that still smells good to me. Then I desperately needed some yoghurt to sort my stomach out one time - at least I got lactose free so it doesn't seems to have bothered my dairy allergies - but it does taste damn good.  Oh well - I'm still mostly vegan and recently having discovered teff grain has meant I can have a yummy high protein almost gravy like vegetable stir fry.  I had water and amaranth flour to make the gravy once the veggies are singed. Love my smoothies and sprouts but in a Tassie winter raw and cold loses its appeal a bit so I try and balance the salads with the above. I seem to have come through winter healthier than ever.