Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Sacred Space: The Practice of Inner Stillness Album

It would come as no great surprise to readers of this blog that I am a great fan of Tenzin Wangyal's books and other material. Yet I would not see myself as a Buddhist or indeed a Bon practitioner. I prefer to take my wisdom where I find it and feel no obligation to filter it to just one "brand", pagan, secular, religious or otherwise. I do however entwine many of Tenzin Wangyal's meditations, philosophy and body yoga with my own practices. Previously he has produced meditative CDs attached to books such as "Tibetan Sound Healing" and "Awakening The Luminous Mind: Tibetan Meditation for Inner Peace and Joy" but this is the first issued as a stand alone. It builds nicely on his earlier work and I think it is even an improvement in certain aspects. The hemi-sync binaural background is deeply relaxing. He leaves ample space/intervals in the meditation for you to sink deeply into what he is asking you to do. It is also a version you can recommend to your staunchly secular friends as it is jargon free and the dedication at the end is only in English. Personally I enjoy hearing the Tibetan language used in prayer and chant. It has a power and resonance that is awesome. I often listen to Tibetan Bon chanting even if I do not understand a word of it. But some may find the use of a language they don't understand alienating so I think the English dedication at the end in this one will broaden this CD's appeal.

The essence of the meditation is still that same freeing connection with inner space, stillness and silence that you will find in his other works. I would recommend them all as they overlap in their wisdom.

Given the prohibitive postal charges between the US and Australia I obtained my copy as a digital download direct from the Hemi-Sync online shop.