Friday, January 8, 2010

A new year - time for a different way of living and thinking

The end of last year saw me holidaying on the Murray River, Australia. Not wanting to lose the holiday in thoughts about the years successes or failures, worrying or planning for the future I decided the only way to do that was to let it go for the duration of the holiday and "enjoy the moment". Each time I caught myself at past or future focus thinking I just brought myself back to enjoying the beauty and people around me and enjoyed just being. Coming back home I didn't want to lose this.
One thing and another led me to reading Don Miquel Ruiz's "Voice of Knowledge" and now I'm reading "The four agreements". This has given me a few more tools to help keep the above perspective. simple things like:

  • enjoying breathing - just focus on one breath and enjoy it. Repeat, often
  • asking myself what story I am creating, is it a story I like - if not edit it.
  • ask myself if other people are creating my story - if so regain my rights as author of my own story.
  • Remembering that "the story" isn't the true me and that minus our stories we are all one - not only with other human beings but all other beings
  • don't take things personally - other beings are acting towards me from the perspective of their own stories.
  • don't believe my own or other people's stories as they are only illusion anyway - a kind of play or programming.

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