Saturday, January 19, 2013

The interactive movie called "Life"

No you won't find "Life" at the box office but could it be what we're living right now? (perhaps I've watched too much of the Matrix, The Thirteenth floor and Stargate episodes like series 2, episode 4 The game keeper and series 8 episode 6 Avatar).  It seems like many life times ago now that we saw a trailer for "Life" and got inspired to buy a ticket. It promised a level of control to the movie goer, you could pick from a range of scenarios, alter the variables to see how that changed how things played out and even change the ending.  At the time it was the latest technology.  You could compartmentalize your brain and experience, through a state of the art process called identification, all the characters in the movie simultaneously, exploring all the inbuilt story lines from their perspective.  The movie came with a warning though, it was so lifelike, using a technology called five sense reality filtered through a complex mainframe computer, the vendors were calling it FSR, that you'd be able to see, hear, smell and taste the scenery and characters in the movie you'd also be able to touch them. The danger, written in the fine print that nobody read at the time, was that we'd so immerse ourselves in the movie we'd forget it was a movie and forget that the other characters in the movie were actually being played by us. We've been trapped in this movie now for a very long time.  Several rescuers have been sent in to try and wake us up but nothing seems to work, sometimes, through the movie characters' conditioned belief systems, their messages to us get distorted and end up enmeshing us more deeply in the illusion. In the Stargate Atlantis series 2 episode called Aurora Colonel Sheppard must convince a shipload of beings in stasis that their virtual reality isn't real and that in reality they are going nowhere - he get's thrown in prison and ostracized for his efforts. Sometimes it's been possible to wake up one or two bits of our compartmentalized mind but such is our compassion and worry for the other fragments of our compartmentalized mind that we've gone back in to the movie to see if we can wake up other pieces. But things of late have been starting to change. There are enough bits of our mind that have woken up and helping to wake up the rest, from both within the movie and outside, that we finally have a chance, as a whole, of remembering what it was all about.  At that point we have I guess two options.

  1. We can go back to enjoying the movie and playing in it, remembering who we really are.  Some safety protocols may need to be put in place to ensure we don't get caught in it again. This would allow us to follow the movie's original promise of trying out different experiences, different scenarios and playing with different outcomes and endings within the movie. The chance to make heaven on earth.
  2. Or we can just get up out of our seat in the picture theater and go home. 
The later is the option offered to Colonel Sheppard at the end of the Stargate Atlantis episode Epiphany but he decides he's not ready yet.

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