Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The cloud computing brain

As usual, I have been reading a number of books in tandem:

  • Power Up Your Brain by David Perlmutter and Alberto Villoldo
  • The Source field investigations by David Wilcock
  • The Fourth Awakening by Rod Pennington and Jeffery A Martin

I started reading The Source Field Investigations back in December and I'm still picking at it. To be honest I haven't found it an easy read but it does contain some ideas worthy of further exploration. The structure of the book is essentially a compilation of little known science, quite a bit of it by russian scientists. It has a chapter on the pineal gland.  Frankly I don't see the author's comparison of the shape of the pineal gland with a pine cone.  I certainly would have been more interested in knowing what the Egyptian hieroglyphs beneath the Vatican's giant pinecone statue said.  It did however get me thinking about that gland as a possible of gateway for communicating with the source field, a hypothetical field of "something", possibly energy, possibly vibration, possibly a universal consciousness that surrounds and emeshes everything in the known universe.

"The Fouth Awakening" is a novel in which the hero is a Timothy Leary style multimillionaire who believes in the power of positive thinking and who tries to get his ideas across to a female sometimes journalist who has regrets about giving up her high flying career for a marriage (that resulted in divorce) and children who are now leading lives of their own.  The fourth awakening is the concept that we are about to take an evolutionary leap as a species, from symbolic communication to non-symbolic communication.  Further information on the ideas contained in the book can be found in a non-fiction book written by one of the authors, Jeffery A Martin, called the God formula. In the novel they are trying to speed up the supposed evolutionary event by stimulating certain portions of the brain.

I greatly enjoyed reading "Power up your brain" which was well written with clear general reader level explanations of how the brain works. The intent of the book is an integration of David Perlmutter's work in the field of neuroscience with Alberto Villoldo's shamanic healing methods. The book outlines a number of practical exercises and a nutritional regime aimed at stimulating brain healing and connection with a greater reality.

One of the exercises in  "Power up your brain"  is the "Invocation to Create Sacred Space"

Alberto has used this invocation, with variations, in a number of his works.  In form this is a fairly standard ritual used to define a circular area, to create sacred space, by honouring six directions: east, west, north, south, above and below. I like to also honour my heart center as the seventh direction.  I am not providing the detail of the ritual here, surfice to say Alberto starts his ritual in the South, honouring the great serpent, then proceeds to the West to the Mother Jaguar, North to the ancient ones and ancestors who have gone before us and then to the East, the great eagle that sours above the high mountain peaks. The next stage of the ritual asks for healing of the mother earth and honours the Great spirit above.

It occurred to me, while practising this ritual that

  • the Sepent of the South equated with our reptilian brain, our automated habital responses, the beat of our heart, our breath, all the things that we rely on the cerebellum to do.
  • the Mother Jaguar represents our animal brain (the limbic system) that powers our emotions, our desires and at its most basic: feeding fighting, fleeing and sex.  This is the part of us that can feel stressed and drives us to protect ourselves and pursue pleasure.
  • the Ancient Ones of the North equate with our Neo Cortex, our ability to reason, reflect and to express ourselves in words and symbols.
  • The Eagle of the East equates with an ability to sour above mountains we have only started to dream of.  

My intuitive guess is that the layer of brain that will empower the eagle aspect of ourselves is one that we are yet to evolve or yet to activate.  Could the pineal gland, once active in us, be like a plug connection into a universal "cloud computing" level of consciousness that exists only in the spiritual realm?

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