Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Making the switch from individual to universal consciousness

Having waded through about six months of beginner's and intemediate Benei Baruch classes on the Kabbalah (I think I actually got more out of their youtube videos though) as well as augmenting with my own reading I've decided what I've got from it is as follows:

  • everything we do is for self benefit! (even giving to charity makes you feel better about your self)
  • up until recently most of us have been caught up in the illusion that we are alone in the shells of our skins, egos, unique and trying to control everything in our perceived environment (to our own advantage)
  • recently a lot of us have been starting to wake up (whether through kabbalah, brain science, the human potential movement, the fourth awakening or plant teachers...) to the fact that consciousness is not in our brains nor is it confined within our mortal bodies. 
My consciousness is a part of great cosmic sea of consciousness, diamond net of Indra, source field... whatever name you wish to call it (some might call this "God" but I'd rather not as I think that unnecessarily complicates things and attaches too many thousands of years of misguided dogma). This sea of consciousness contains everything and in some way which is beyond my understanding is in any part of it (holographically perhaps) everything. This everything is energy vibrating but doing so at different frequencies, the very fast as spirit and the slower as matter.  There are no boundaries within it ... just areas of slower vibration or faster vibration (a bit like a weather system).

Now the really neat bit is that I don't have to give up doing everything for self benefit (you can't any way as its just plain human nature) - I just have to realise that my "self" is everything and do "everything" for self. This is the true meaning of "love everyone as your self" (including your friends and enemies, beings of stone, beings of plant, beings of four, six and eight legs etc) for everyone is you.  This is the origin of Mayan saying "you are another me".

So shed your artifically constructed boundaries: give way to the yourself in the queue of the supermarket as you have as much right to get out quickly as you do... if you catch my drift.

They say that all this is something that you can't explain ... you can only understand when you experience it for your self.  So experiment: use visualisation, affirmations, act as if this model of consciousness is real (whatever works for you) and see what you think about it.

At the moment I practise daily visualising love and acceptance for my body contained self and then I extend that visualisation out in onion layers to include family, then neighbourhood, then work and so on until I visualise the whole planet and everything on it and then out to the galaxy and the universe.  All the time ayaing "I love you, I accept you as you are", all the time knowing that I mean just one extended entity. Its also easy to extend this across time and space (to everything past, present and future in all dimensions and all universes).

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